Top Four Best Hunting Recurve Bows – The Ultimate Showdown

Top Four Best Hunting Recurve Bows – The Ultimate Showdown

I and my team have not been stressing enough on best hunting recurve bow that how bow hunting is as much of a skill sport as it is the process of staying in touch with what differentiated us humans from other predators – the single most widely renowned practice till date. It is a sacred ritual that we have not given up and hopefully, we will not give it up in future too. It lasted through all sorts of revolutions, ages, and paradigm shifts, which makes it safe to say that it is one of our most innovative creations from the middle or dark ages (based on the side of the story you believe).

It is also a healthy way of staying in touch with the animal inside and harvesting the meat of the ones from the wild. Not just all these things, it is the most humane way of providing meat for yourself and/or family. Had you documented what goes on in most livestock farms, which I’m sure some of my demographic have, you can agree to that last one without hesitation. The point being, bow hunting is great and you are great for practicing it or even considering to do so.

We have been on a journey with all of you to enhance our skills a bit further by suggesting the bows of the highest order in our perception and we could not be thankful enough for such a great audience. Remember, you can all reach out to us with your experiences and we will be more than delighted to feature the bows celebrated by you (

Everything else aside, it is the time of the year when we compare the top picks from a range of best recurve bows and the hot topic of the day is “best recurve hunting bow”. We will list and review and top picks after giving you some guidelines to help you decide what to look for in a hunting bow. For instance, looking for fiberglass in the limbs (definitely a good idea). We do know a lot of research is almost customary before you pick YOUR recurve, so let’s get done with the easy part first. Here are some simple tips to conclude which one is the best recurve hunting bow for you:

best hunting recurve bow best hunting recurve bow best hunting recurve bow best hunting recurve bow
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Go for reliable craftsmen

I have witnessed archers acting like football team fans sticking to the one company they have always used. We believe is better to experiment in this section because new players have definitely changed the game. Not just that, being very cautious is also important because there are many out there that make recurve bows with inferior risers having an uncomfortable grip, inflexible limbs, poor moisture resistance, low-quality strings, and more. So, it is better to be aware. That is why we are working hard to bring the cream from the surface of elaborately a gargantuan pile of suppliers out there now. We yearn to be that reliable source for you, forever.

The actual weight and not the draw weight in this context

This goes without having to say: the lighter the bow, the more possibilities of carrying it for longer time periods. Also, fewer chances of tiring out on a long hunting trip. For that specific purpose, it is a good idea to get one that is lighter than 3-6 pounds based on not just the endurance of your arms and shoulders, but also your spine. In cases other than hunting and recreation, it is not usually a factor.

Knowing YOUR draw weight

best hunting recurve bow CHECK LATEST PRICE

When has a little more self-awareness been proven bad for you? If you are already hunting or even practicing for a while, I’m sure you have figured it out because this is the aspect that literally grows with your skills and time in practice. For the rest of you, it is the force required by your arm to pull the string to its full potential. So what you need to know how much weight your hand is capable of pulling. Hunting season demands a minimum of 35 – 40 lbs. of draw weight from a bow. In order to make sure you pierce through enough into a prey, you will need to scale up to as higher draw weight as possible, at least to that number.

Bow Length

Now, of course, you need a bow that suits your height. But it is also a fact that the longer the bow is, the farther it will be able to shoot. The English longbows were able to shoot over 200 yards. A recurve bow that is longer than 60 inches is considerably long. For hunters who wish to drop bigger animals from quite some distance, it is quite obvious that a longer bow will be an aid. The accuracy of the bow is also proportional to its length. Obviously, your height will also be an important factor in determining the length of your bow because you never want the bottom limb to touch the ground.

Quality of the grip and the limbs

The riser (the part you will grip in your hand) should feature a comfortable grip and should also be sturdy enough that it reduces the vibrations caused by the string. The recurve bows brought forward for our hunting season special review demonstrate these qualities along with fiberglass limbs. Fiberglass makes the limbs more resilient and also resistant to unnatural bends following a long use. It is usually a component of the limbs and not what they are entirely made of.

On top of this, your riser should have cleverly placed bushings if you seek to install additional accessories (check out our section for useful accessories that go well with recurve bows).

One-piece or Takedown?

This aspect is partly dependent on your storage and partly on personal preferences. For those who do not know, a take-down bow allows you to separate the two limbs usually with the help of screws. My personal advice is that a take-down will be easier for transportation purposes. And, there is also an added flexibility of changing a particular part for upgrades or for economically refurbishing a damaged one on your own, instead of sending it back to the manufacturer or buying an entirely new one. But some archers prefer to stay natural and order only one piece bows. We have considered everyone’s opinion in this review.

What’s next?

Now you are prepared for making an informed decision and frankly, that is what this website is all about – to enable and empower the consumer with knowledge and present critical analyses of the bows that we can find the best ones out from the endless ocean of manufacturers and distributors. For our next section of this post, here are the 5 best recurve hunting bows:

PSE Razorback Recurve for Right-Handed Archers

My First Choice

People call it one of the best introductory bows of all time and I can affirm because it is my go to bow when I want to unwind. But I recently came across a supplier that is also selling some heavy Razorbacks and I couldn’t resist; I had to give it a shot.  I have given you the link to this supplier who is selling it apparently for all purposes – starting from 20 lbs. to 35 lbs. draw weight. This bow is undeniably designed for both adults and youngsters and is also ideal, I would say, for anyone getting in the hunting game and with not a lot of arm strength for much higher draw weights.

best hunting recurve bow CHECK LATEST PRICE

The good thing about this bow is that if you don’t want to invest in a target bow separately, this is probably the answer to your problem because, frankly, it is an incredible bow for your time at the archery or even in your backyard. It is very lightweight and that, along with my time with my Razorback, helps me come to the conclusion that you will definitely go hours with this one without feeling even a little tired in your arms.

PSE has been in the bow manufacturing game since the 1970s and the Razorback is one of their high-quality bows. It is safe to say that PSE is also the largest bow manufacturer in the world and their comfortable masterpiece is available very affordably. Fitted for comfort and including a riser that suits the hand just right, the PSE Razorback retails for slightly less than $100.

I cannot judge the PSE Razorback bow on your behalf because people at different skill levels may have a completely different experience, so let me list down the specifications to make it easier for you to scrutinize whether this is your bow or not:


  • This one is a right handed model but perhaps you can also find left handed one from the same or another supplier.
  • The length of the bow is an amazing 62 inch – part of the reason I like to target practice with this one.
  • A variety of draw weights: Although I personally would not like to order anything below 35lbs. for hunting.
  • It is a take-down design and hence limbs can be unscrewed to fit into a hip quiver that you can order from the “frequently bought together” section on amazon.
  • The riser is made from Walnut, Burma White Wood and Beechwood: Some of the finest in the world. The riser is also designed for ultimate comfort.
  • Fiberglass laminate limbs.
  • Bushings for sight and stabilizer.
  • Recommended height of the archer is up to 5′ 7″.

PSE Razorback owners, including myself, appreciate that how easy it is to shoot this bow. There is a stylish touch to its design and quite some power compared to its draw weight categories. However, some customers complain that it is not enough for hunting big animals. The build quality of the bow is complimented in the community; the durable feel after and during assembly will mostly be the first thing you will hear from someone who has shot a Razorback.

Young hunters will particularly love this bow because it is better than most in its price range, even better than the expensive ones out there. And because of already stated qualities, one can conclude that a youngster will grow faster on this bow than any other. If you’re looking to get your first hunting bow, go for it! And if you’re planning to bring along your young one on a hunting trip for the first time, this is an excellent investment. You can use it for recreational activities when he/she grows out of it.

I would not recommend expert archers to go for this bow. However, due to its durability, I can say that if you have already had a chance to own it, it is a bow that will be passed down to many generations. It’s a rare combination of affordability and durability.


The SWA Spyder Takedown Recurve

My Second Choice

Imagine someone told you that they’ve got real life Lego blocks for you, so you can now use them to make actual buildings, or real life Optimus Prime, or whatever you wanted to make for yourself. You would go downright crazy over it and will continue to ask them where you can get them until you got an answer, right? That is exactly what happened to my very own first bow. Sage was my first ever bow but it had its shortcomings. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to defame the Sage; it is still my favorite beginner bow. But, Samick designed a more sophisticated, professional-looking and functional upgrade to the bow, which will go on to be called the SWA Spyder. It resembled and felt so much like the original that it became a prodigy and was instantly dubbed as the “Sage 2” by the early adapters.

best hunting recurve bow CHECK LATEST PRICE

If you are a Batman or Chris Nolan fan, think of the Sage as the Batman Begins and Sage 2 as The Dark Knight. Both of which are completely irrelevant, but there cannot be a more precise example of a sequel that Sage 2 was. As I said, the design comes from Samick but the Southwest Archery (SWA) manufactures this one in the North American continent. So another good news is that limited warranty does apply in the USA and Canada. If you have owned a Samick Sage, the most notable design changes you would be able to spot are rounded edges on the riser and the lighter limb pockets which quite literally modernized one of the best bows ever made.

All of a sudden with all these new changes and the classy redwood made the bow so desirable both aesthetically and sagaciously. Even when you’re not hunting, this is the kind of bow that you will hang on the wall to show it off either with the bear and elk heads or with other pieces of art.


  • Built for all; draw weight options available are: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 lbs.
  • Length: 62 inches.
  • Takedown design, just like its predecessor.
  • Comes with an Allen wrench.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Ultimate value for money in terms of build quality (craftsmanship) and material used.
  • Included arrow rest.
  • A Decent string, in fact, it can be compared to premium ones.
  • Reinforced limbs are present for easy switch even better strings.
  • Perfect stability from the riser (almost no vibration).
  • Seamless control for multiple users and hand types.
  • Contour on the riser enhances the look further.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Elegant packaging.
  • For both Left and Right Handers.
  • Optional package (Kit).

These bows are so highly demanded that they vanish quickly from the market and also I will advise ordering a Stringer tool to go along with it. Here is a Direct link to SWA amazon product page. And, I also found another supplier who has the same bow with all the status quo offerings and occasional deals/discounts – We R Archery. As I told you, they are running out pretty quickly. So much so that I wanted to give you links to many other stores, but I hope these two would suffice. If they don’t work anymore, let me know through the comments. The available SWA accessory kit that is compatible with both Sage and Sage 2 even elevates this demand further. So, if this is the bow you want, I recommend swift action.

SWA Spyder has virtually no unsatisfied customers that I know of or I could find at all of the stores that are selling this bow. The recurve has only earned good name so far, which is great news for those who are planning to buy it. It is also being stated by some expert archers that if you looking forward to switching over from a compound bow or a Crossbow, the Spyder will provide a great first experience that will hopefully last really long. It is obviously also a perfect step up (or upgrade) to the Samick Sage and towards being an even more effective professional archer/hunter than you were as an amateur. For a hunter who possesses this Kit and the SWA Spyder, there isn’t much left to wish for.

The PSE Razorback vs. the “Sage 2” Recurve Bow

The PSE Razorback is an excellent recurve bow for beginners, but the “Sage 2” is even better because it is an all-rounder. SWA Spyder provides the archer with a chance to grow into the bow because of the higher draw weight choices. Unfortunately, the Razorback is outgrown relatively quickly, meaning a second bow will likely be purchased, which is not the case with Sage 2 (Spyder). The draw weight of a Sage 2 can be upgraded up to 60 lbs. and can be used to hunt down some seriously big animals, but the Razorback does not offer draw weights higher than 35 lbs. However, if cost is your primary concern, the Razorback is the best option for you. But I am sure you can shell out some extra bucks for the undeniably incomparable beauty that SWA Spyder is.


SAS Courage Hunting Takedown Recurve

My Third Choice

If someone manufactures a bow for the sole purpose of hunting, it is bound to stand out. Some bows accidentally make that mark and some grow over time adding onto while keeping the aspects in place that make them great. One from the latter group is the SAS Courage Hunting Take-Down Recurve. It automatically leaves an impact when I say SAS (Southland Archery Supply), because of the image they have created with their bows. The new Courage model takes in account all that learning and sets a new level for others to beat.

best hunting recurve bow CHECK LATEST PRICE

Courage is a durable and proficient bow built for serious archers, especially the hunters. If we look at the specifications of the bow, it becomes evidently clear:


  • One of the best hardwoods used in both riser (Makore and Chuglam) and limbs (Maple and Makore).
  • Limbs built with high-strength fiberglass.
  • The lean shape and comfortable feel allow greater comfort.
  • 60 inches long.
  • Easy Takedown Design.
  • Brass bushings for Plunger, Stabilizer, and Sight/Quiver.
  • 3-year limited manufacturer warranty.
  • Assembly tools and a 56-inch string included in the package.
  • Draw weights available are 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 lbs.
  • Available in left and right-hand designs.

Like most recurve bows, it does not come along with a Stringer, sight, or any arrows. So make sure you order them separately. The courage can also be assembled quite simply: just attach the limbs to the riser and then string the bow. Stringing it without a bow stringer can be dangerous and may void the warranty, so I am in the favor of avoiding that. It may also cause inaccurate shots from a bow that is supposed to be very accurate.

The wide range of draw weights makes it suitable for all kinds of hunts, target practices, etc. You can easily take down wild turkey, deer, and elks pretty easily with a higher draw weight. While testing it for accuracy, I was amazed by the performance. If you’re an expert, I will not doubt if you told me that you were able to split an arrow with it. From as far as 45 yards, I could maintain a pattern under 2 inches with my SAS Courage. To be clear, I had not installed a sight so far and it was going to take my game up by a lot when I did.

This is definitely the bow I will be packing for my hunt this season, but allow yourself to take a shot at it first. If you’re a beginner hunter, I would recommend you to go for either 40 or 45 lbs. draw weight because that is good enough for hunting animals like deer or wild turkey. The SAS Courage is certainly very good for beginners because it is designed after understanding the requirements of a beginning archer. You will not need to worry about limb twists because of the stronger fiberglass integration and the takedown design also allows you to shape the limbs between shooting sessions. Another reason it will be an excellent beginner hunter’s bow is because it is inexpensive but still strong enough.

Experienced archers may go for either one over 50 lbs. If you think you will encounter smaller bears you might need to take down, go for 60 lbs.! I will be keeping it as a backup bow and it could possibly be the same for other more experienced hunters. If you have your own sights, stabilizers, plungers, or quivers that you would like to be installed on your bow, the brass bushings will do just great. There are others who prefer instinctive shooting, like without a sight, but for beginners, I recommend using a sight aid. Also, we have another bow instinctive shooters might like more.

The SAS Courage is a stable bow with more precise shooting and excellent arrow speed. But, a lot depends on the arrow too. With the Courage, almost all of them will work quite well. My favorite is Carbon Express arrows but it is more of a personal preference and not a reflection of the bow’s compatibility. Compared to the price, you will be surprised with the comfort and flexibility of the bow. The riser’s ergonomic design and lighter limbs will allow you to shoot any kind of arrows for a longer time without getting tired, especially for smaller archers.

The Southland Courage will fit any regular 56-inch long bow string, but the limb tips are not yet reinforced, so it may not accept some strings that you like. This is a change we are expecting quite soon from SAS in future models. Keep an eye out if this is important for you. It weighs somewhere around 3 pounds, which means that it is fairly light. Personally, I shoot with it for hours without any kind of muscle constraints.


Southland Archery Supply has once again outperformed and have released a bow upon us that is absolutely admirable. The bow is relatively quiet, but if you have been using more expensive bows in the past, that may not be the case for you. You can always go for string silencers while hunting. If you don’t mind spending a little more on your accessories, this bow will be a great companion on your trip. For a starter, it’ll allow hours of valuable hunting time, even if you eventually want to move up to a more expensive bow. This may help you change your mind about recurve bows, in general.


SAS Maverick One Piece Hunting Bow

My Fourth Choice

This one is for the aspiring traditional hunters because it is basically the perfect primitive hunting weapon. It is very difficult to find better entry level hunting bows, given the price. It may not give you storage and transportation flexibility, but it will give a sense of achievement to those traditional skills built inside of you.

best hunting recurve bow CHECK LATEST PRICE This hunting bow is an example of simple design and efficient labor. The design takes its cues from the simplistic idea of what consists of a hunting bow. And because of the very same simplicity, it elevates the concept into a sophisticated machine. The design leaves not a single part feeling unnecessary or unwanted because there is no such part. If you’ve been hitting the range or the woods with well-guided bows, this is the next level. As much as it is comfortable, it is a challenge to overcome for the first time too. And, at the same time, it is even just great to look at for the price.


  • Strong fiberglass limbs made of Maple laminations.
  • The riser is made of Makore and Chulgam woods.
  • Right-hand design.
  • 60-inches long.
  • Aesthetically and operationally pleasing.
  • One-piece design, which means stringing is the only preparation process.
  • Superior & elegant look.
  • Easy to use after getting your hands on properly.
  • Draw weights: 40, 45, 50, 55 lbs.
  • Lightweight and great handling.
  • Covered by 3-year manufacturer warranty by SAS.

If you go only by the looks of the SAS Maverick, you will feel that it is too simple for professional or hunting use. It is apparent what makes it special, but the performance makes it distinct from other one piece bows. Overall performance can be assumed to be superb and it can be a clear choice for natural shooters who are considering their first bow hunting trip. Those with more experience in the hunting game, this bow is a great way to teach others natural shooting or to get as an aesthetic update for your collection. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best one-piece bows ones out there.

SAS Maverick Vs. the SAS Courage

Although it is not fair to bring two different kinds of recurves face-to-face, there are some quantifiable aspects we can compare. These are:

  • Quietness: On this front, the Maverick appears to be quieter as a raw bow. But if you apply a string silencer, it affects the Courage much more and it emerges as a more silent bow. So, this one completely depends on your openness to using and spend extra money on accessories for your bow.
  • Stability: The Courage is absolutely more stable because it vibrates less than the Maverick and also, based on my experience, the Courage gives less of a shock to the arm after the shot is released when compared to the Maverick.
  • Accuracy: Once again, the Courage is more accurate. This may vary depending upon your experience level and once again, openness to accessories. But I will give the edge to the Courage because I was able to split a previously shot arrow from 25 yards away.

SAS Courage Vs SWA Spyder

These mini comparisons are completely based on my perception and preferences in a bow and hence, I recommend that you try these bows before considering the final word. But, as far as an unbiased review is concerned, I could break down the result into a draw between these two bows. The SAS Courage will be accompanying me for more personal reasons than those related to performance. I did feel that the SWA Spyder has more power and the accuracy requires fewer efforts with it, but I am personally more comfortable with SAS products, and SAS Courage in this case.

That being said, it was the SAS Courage that proved to be more accurate when I shot it and even when one of my colleagues did. If you too find yourself dwindling between the two, think about this: you can always go try them at the archery and come back to get it from these amazing suppliers who, by the way, are selling out both of these models very quickly.


All but One:

No matter which of these bows you choose, they are all unique in more than one way. It will depend on the factors I explained on top of this post for which one is the best recurve hunting bow for you. A beginner may choose to go with either and it will shape the future bows he or she selects and even their hunting preferences. If you’re an experienced archer, you will already know what’s your pick. And for a collector, they are all great pieces.

Also read the buying guide for best hunting recurve bow.