Best Recurve Bow-2019-Buyer Guide For Money & Suggestions

Best Recurve Bow-2018-Buyer Guide

Best Recurve Bow-2019-Buyer Guide

The word is out yet again. Many of you bought the ‘Longbowmaker KYS’ for your children or spouse and some of you even tried it for yourselves following our advice. We appreciate your trust.

And we promise that we will continue to astonish you. Since the “Best Recurve Bow For Hunting” post our twitter has been flooded with requests to feature what we think could be the best bows for hunting. We could actually see it coming.  The truth is that we have been saving the best post for the last. It’s finally happening and we are really excited just like you.
Hunting season is coming up soon. It’s that time of the year when we stock up on our patient shoes. And move out to track, ambush, and hunt down the prey. Get one of these hunting bows and make sure you’re prepared for the action.

Because the hunter’s bow we reviewed last time was from an affordable range, we decided to mix it up this time, in Best Recurve Bow For Huntingetween recurve crossbows, compound crossbows, good old recurve bows for hunting (Each one still delivering awesome value, though).

Arm-Span Chart.


Best Recurve Bow-2018-Buyer Guide

Draw Weight Chart
Small Youth (55-100 lbs.)10-15 lbs.
Larger Youth (100-130 lbs.)10-20 lbs.
Small Frame Women (100-130 lbs.)15-30 lbs.
Medium Frame Women (130-160 lbs.)25-45 lbs.
Athletic Teens (130-150 lbs.)25-45 lbs.
Small Frame Men (120-150 lbs.)20-40 lbs.
Large Frame Women (160+ lbs.)30-50 lbs.
Medium Frame Men (150-180 lbs.)30-50 lbs.
Large Frame Men (180+ lbs.)35-55 lbs.


Compare Best Recurve Bow For Hunting:

[wpsm_numcircle num="1" style="2"]Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand. [wpsm_bar title="Rating" percentage="98" color="#fb7203"] READ MORE
[wpsm_numcircle num="2" style="2"]Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand. [wpsm_bar title="Rating" percentage="95" color="#fb7203"] READ MORE
[wpsm_numcircle num="3" style="2"]Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand. [wpsm_bar title="Rating" percentage="92" color="#fb7203"] READ MORE
[wpsm_numcircle num="4" style="2"]Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand. [wpsm_bar title="Rating" percentage="89" color="#fb7203"] READ MORE
[wpsm_numcircle num="5" style="2"]Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand. [wpsm_bar title="Rating" percentage="94" color="#fb7203"] READ MORE
You will find that this is the only bow in our list that we have mentioned in previous posts too. After all, it is too good to resist. Although it is not absolutely a professional recurve, it still is very good recurve bow for hunting. It’s 62-inch long before stringing and is available in both left and right-hand orientations.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Sage offers some exceptional quality with its elegant and traditional design. The performance is also as good as many professional bows.

This bow is the result of 40 years of research and development by Samick Sports, South Korea. Sold in more than 50 countries, Sage is one of the most selling bows worldwide. Whether it’s a beginner, a novice archer, or an expert, hand them over this bow and you will always get a good feedback. It is a takedown design bow and hence it offers great flexibility with storage. For beginners and novice hunters, it means that the bow will grow as you grow.

Right out of the box you will notice a well-finished . Polished riser that will fit perfectly in your hand (be it any size),

rigid limbs (the kind that you will never have to get straightened), B-50 bow string & arrow rest. The riser has pre-installed fitting holes for Brass Plunger, Stabilizer, Sight, or/and Quiver.

Samick Sage is a risk-free choice for hunters: Just make sure you get a draw weight of 40 lbs. or above to get maximum performance (choose a draw weight according to your built, it is available in variants that go up to 60 lbs.).


Features Of This Bow

  • The material is the sturdy Maplewood and the limbs are fibreglass coated for improved durability.
  • What we were really impressed to see on a bow in this price range was the reinforcement of limb tips.
  • They allow great flexibility in choosing the kind of string you can use with this bow. The range is also unbelievable – straight shots past 35 yards on 40 lbs. draw weight. Samick suggests a maximum draw of up to 29 inches.
  • In case you are going to need to draw further, perhaps you should consider the next one on the list.
  • Assembling the bow is pretty straight forward. Archers with prior experience in recurves will have absolutely no trouble putting it together.
Last Words
As per our review, this definitely is the best bet in terms of a beginner’s best recurve bow for hunting, however, we strongly advise beginners to get a stringer for it. It's very comfortable to wield, beautifully crafted, and accurate. Even though it’s entry to intermediate level, we would recommend anyone who considers buying it - young or old, new or vet, target shooter or buck hunter, just go for it!



Yet another bow designed by Samick, it is essentially the upgraded version of the Sage. SWA Spyder has also been referred to as the Sage 2 by enthusiasts. This hunting recurvebow is also 62 inches long and it features a 1-year manufacturer warranty that is covered by SouthWest Archery USA.

Unlike the former, this model streamlines some important upgrades such as smoothened edges on the riser for a more comfortable grip, lighter weight, and a more comfortable hunting experience.

A layer of redwood, which is mainly found in high end recurves, makes this bow a great value for the price. The limbs continue to feature reinforced limb tips and still support premium strings like FastFlight.

Yet again, a 3 piece takedown design allows efficient storage and travel. The bow comes along with an Allen wrench to assemble the limbs with the riser. Just like the Sage, you still get an arrow rest and a premium string.

But perhaps the real USP is the warranty provided by a local company for all the U.S. residents.

However, it may not be as easy to string as the original Sage. You will need a stringer every time you want to take the string on and off the bow. Luckily, the one available at Amazon gives you an option to buy a stringer along with it (Click here for current price).

Features Of This Bow

  • It is also available in both hand orientations and the draw weight options from 20 to 60 lbs.
  • SouthWest Archery has made it easier for hunters to decide with an optional ready to shoot package that includes the bow itself with the string, a stringer tool, three premium carbon arrows, a hard case, and an armguard. You will find the link to the kit somewhere in the product description.
  • So far, there have quite literally been no unsatisfied customers who would’ve come forward and said that the bow or the manufacturer did not meet their requirements and/or expectations. That, in itself, says a lot about its quality and the level of service provided by the SWA.
  • If you are a compound or Crossbow archer who is looking forward to making a transition to traditional recurves, your experience with the “Sage 2” will be pleasurable and effortless.
  • It also works as a very effective step up (or upgrade) bow to the Samick Sage, making it a professional best recurve bow for hunting.
Last Words
Great craftsmanship, perfect stability, seamless control for multiple users and hand types, incredible force, beautiful finishing, and the three cherries on the cake – contour on the riser, excellent customer service, and the elegant packaging; A hunter cannot wish for more than this bow really. The refined edges and higher end wood make this an ultimate bow for beginners and advanced shoo ters alike.
As hunters, we are very sure you really like beasts; not just those of the jungle, but man-made beasts.

Because as a best recurve bow for hunting, that’s what the Jaguar is. Essentially, it is a crossbow that integrates the recurve technique. It has a draw weight of 175 pounds which means that as far as your eyes can see it will shoot a straight arrow with speeds up to 245 feet per second, which is pretty impressive.

The materials used on this bow are also top-class. The limbs are made up of compression molded fiberglass and the stock is made out of reinforced composite. It’s available in two different colors targeted specifically towards the hunting niche: Camouflage and Wood.

Features Of This Bow

  • With a built-in quiver that can hold up to 4 arrows, four 16-inch Aluminum arrows, and a decent pre-installed 3-Dot targeting scope, this heavy duty hunting crossbow is a complete package.
  • The design of this mean-hunting-machine is equipped with a safety cocking mechanism so you do not miss the surprising lung/head shot (Since it can be a little tough to pull the string back with 175 lbs.
  • Draw weight). It also features a weaver rail for you to mount any additional accessories (like a sight aid).
  • The bow looks and feels very modern and classy.
  • This work of art has been heavily regarded as super accurate among fans and newbie hunters.
  • A great aid is the tube of wax that comes with it.
  • You can use it to wax both the string and the rail.
Last Words
In its draw weight range, it is probably the lowest priced crossbow and that is a big reason why it made our list. The downsides with this bow are the string, the quality of bolts that hold the scope down, and the size of the arrows that come along with it are probably not the best fit. Other reason why we included this bow on our list, because a hunter transitioning from traditional recurves to X-bows can benefit from the surprisingly low price.The string, arrows, and scope can easily be replaced after
The string, arrows, and scope can easily be replaced after practicing and becoming more confident with how a crossbow shoots. Not every youngster who dreams of becoming a bow hunter can efficiently shoot with hunting best recurve bows. To gift a crossbow to a young archer, it’s cut out really well. It is also good for a stalk hunt since its pretty quiet compared to other models out there and, of course, the camouflaging color options.

Compared to the best recurve bows for hunting, compound bows offer the advantage of shooting straighter and faster arrows. That is exactly what this bow aims to (and does) achieve by fusing the crossbow and compound bow designs. 150 lbs.

Draw weight is still quite a lot compared to SAS Jaguar. Despite its slightly lower draw weight, the shot speed is astoundingly fast. The bolts are let loose at high speeds of up to 325 feet per second. The dimensions of the bow are 33 X 22 inches and the total weight is about 7.65 lbs. Apart from the bow, it also has a pre-installed quiver fit to hold four arrows, four pieces of 20-inch arrows (fit for its size, unlike the former),a bottle of flight rail lube, and cocking rope. Order one, set up your targets and start shooting the day you receive it.

The color of this model is green camouflage; again, perfect for stalking and hunting. Entire power stroke pull is 14.5 inches. At this point, a cocking rope comes in real handy. The trigger is smooth to operate with a pull weight of 5 lbs. We called the previous bow a complete package which makes this one a complete kit.

  • It is really important to have an anti-dry-fire mechanism on any compound bow. One dry fire and the bow can easily get trashed.
  • The Leader Accessories Hunting Crossbow has one pre-installed and you won’t have to worry about running dry while practicing or hunting.
  • The aluminum 4 X 32 scope installed on this compound crossbow is very well-placed and is accurate with targeting.
  • Leader Accessories also allows you to upgrade to a scope of your choice with a package discount if you order it along with the bow.
  • The experience of Leader Accessories shows in their product.
  • They have been dedicated to manufacturing quality outdoor leisure products since last 30 years.
Last Words
With superior quality and lasting durability, we are pretty sure that everyone who chooses this bow is going to personally thank us, at least with a fan mail. Similar quality crossbows at your closest archery would cost easily $500 or more.
 Expert Advice: Never Fire without a bolt. Keep the rail lubed and string waxed after every 15-20 shots. Tighten bolts after each session. Follow these steps and it will be your prize possession for life. 
Tip: Make good use of the additional accessory (foregrip) and install it to the bottom of the rail.



We went Exclusive once again. Apparently, the editor at our office loves hunting.  And does that with only with handmade bows. He owns nine of them and the Buffalo Horsebow is his absolute favorite. Although we won’t be quoting his biased opinions here, we still would like to mention that it isn’t for his persuasion that this bow is featured on our list. We tested the bow and it was pretty awesome in all our tests. The one we got a chance to test was 65 lbs.

draw weight (it’s available in a range of 30 – 65 lbs.) and the idea of having 65 lbs. for under $125 was just mindboggling to us. We expected a mediocre experience but the draw was so smooth that most of us could easily pull it back to about 32 inches. Crazy specs for a handmade bow, right? Well, that’s not all. If you go to the exclusive sales page and look at how beautifully it has been crafted, you will fall in love with it.

If only you could see it in person, if only you could touch it once, you would never want to let go. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful professional best recurve bow for hunting purpose. More value is added to it by its ambidextrous design and equally good target shooting accuracy - Just to prove that Buffalo gives you two target papers for free. An arrow rest is also included and it has a very elegant looking red cobra snakeskin covering the limbs.

  • It might fool you for a fragile one from a distance (maybe because of its beauty), but make no mistakes
  • This bow was designed to hunt down large animals and you can feel the durability with every shot.
  • Balance is another feature that makes this bow unique and adds to the value proposition.
  • Buffalo claims that their designs have been adopted from Old master, who studied the art of handmade bows for more than 30 years.
  • You can also procure Shiraki, Carbon steel, and bamboo arrows from the supplier.
  • It’s a traditional handmade bow, so if you’re going to buy this, expect tiny chromatic influence.
  • And, you will have to buy an arm-guard and gloves if you don’t already own any.
Last Words
Although the arrow rest is included, once you get well-versed in shooting arrows with this bow, take the rest off. The real fun with these kinds of bows is going completely natural.
We will recommend feather-tipped arrows but others work just as well. The particular sub-category similar bows are qualified into is called “Horsebows”. For the reason similar bows were anciently used by horsemen to aim more efficiently while riding.
This history lesson teaches us that this bow is an excellent investment and it also provides legitimacy to the will of users who like to go au naturel while using these bows.


Specifically for hunting, we suggest you go for a bow with a draw weight of 40 lbs. or higher, based on your built (Just like Sage and Sage 2). The seller is located in China but reviews suggest that even the standard shipping timings are very quick.

On our review chart, this bow scores a “Highly recommended”. Even though you’re not going to use it, if you’re a hunter, you’re going to want this in your collection. Read OwrBuying Guide.