Best Recurve Bow Buying Guide.

Best Recurve Bow Buying Guide.

Hello friends, welcome to my site. I am going to present a best recurve bow buying guide for you. I have lots of recurve bows, and I use a bow for a long time. I have a friend circle and I have joined some related forums. So I have lots of data and experience in this field. Before buying a bow, please read the whole article and choose the best recurve bow for you. Please do not think about the budget, because you are going to invest on a bow. Quality over quantity is my golden rule.

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Recurve bows are available in various material. Different wood laminated or crafted. Handmade traditional bow or modern bow. Hard maple and laminated with fiberglass is my best choice because it is good-looking and has long life. Archer like the handmade longbow, the traditional well-crafted look attracts them.


Most recurve bows are available from 20 pounds to 110 pounds. 20 pound is perfect for beginner archer or anyone want to use lightweight recurve bow. So you have various option to choose. The weight bows are for expert persons, especially for the young man. Women are requested to choose a recurve bow between 20 pounds to 50 pounds, as per your ability. Lightweight recurve bows are best for practicing and backyard games. It also depends on your ability.


The various bow is needed for various position and needs. So you have to buy recurve bows in various height. Some height manageable recurve bow is available today. You can choose those model if you are new. Sometime Arrow size depends on bow size. You can buy a twistable string; it is for increase the draw length.

Right hand or left hand:

Be careful for choosing the correct handed model. Maximum recurve bows are available in both handed. In the online shop, right handed model is the default model. Some bow is only available in the right handed model and some bows are left handed. This is a big confusion among the beginner archer. Please keep it mind that, if you are right handed, you pull the string with your right hand, and if you are left handed, you pull the string with your left hand.

Rating and review:

Try to buy recurve bows from e-commerce shop, because they have their customer’s data about ratings and you can read lots of reviews and this make a strong understanding about the recurve bow.  Do not buy any recurve bow that has a below ratings than 4.0 out of 5.0. Try to target bow that has at least ten customers review. If you found a serious bad comment about a recurve bow, that you like and prepared to buy, please try to contact the customers and want to know the cause.


Try to choose at least five products. Then compare them. Looks at the features, the rating, and reviews and the price. If you find a figure out that, the low cost recurve has the best features and more rating and review, so you can go with the low cost recurve bow. But do not buy it because only it is low cost.

If you follow the simple steps before buying any bow, I assured that you would find the best recurve bow. I also check this basic point and purchase the best recurve bow for me. People really depend on me about to choose a bow. They come to my home with their credit card and purchase their best recurve bow through me. So please reply, how this post helps you to buy a recurve bow. Comment below for any quarries. Contact me on my contact-us page. Thank you.

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