Best Recurve Bow for Beginners.

Best Recurve Bow for Beginners

Best Recurve Bow for Beginners.:-Ever since our last post for the best recurve bow for beginners, we have received a lot of requests to review alternate options for the same. Well, that post was such a hit because we went through a lot of research about underground archery in order to bring out the best recurves of them all in a relevant price range. But since we have already gone through the best of the best, we decided that this time around we will not only give you one choice, instead, we will give you our top alternate picks for three best recurve bow for beginners.

Best Value for Your Money

As we all know, for beginners, the initial investment is the biggest aspect while choosing a practice machine. So to start with, we have decided to feature an affordable full-fledged kit with one of the most excellent fit-for-all bow we could find.

The Easton Youth Beginner Best Recurve Bow Kit is undoubtedly the best ever value for your money. For as little as $79 (check the latest price) this package comes in with a surprisingly sturdy bow, a hip quiver, a good quality arm guard, a finger tab, and even three arrows. Basically, it has everything you need to start shooting immediately with; well, except a solid target. The bow is capable of going quite the distance and is perfect for children of all ages, even adults who are just starting to shoot. Sturdy material and ambidextrous design make it suitable for kids trying to learn their strong hand for the moment. It is even more functional for left-handed shooters. The draw weight adjustability of 7 – 20 pounds is ideal because youngsters with smaller built and lower upper body strength tend to grow in experience quicker than adults. The all-black design (also available in pink) of the bow and the quality of the material make it look very attractive.

There are, however, some trade-offs to be made. It is not one of the most accurate bow out there and is definitely not built for the instinctive shooter. The string runs a little to the right after the shot, which is ideally more suited for left-handed archers. The lack of accuracy can be compensated with an inexpensive sight pin/aid, but that still is a minus. The string is reasonably thick but the arrow rest can be a little quirky. Besides these problems, there is nothing else that seems to go wrong while shooting.
Quick Tip: If you want to increase the draw weight, you can do that by adjusting the bolts holding the limbs on using an Allen wrench.

If Easton’s take on creating a value for beginner archers does not fancy you as much, the following definitely will.

SAS’s Classy and Functional Beginner Models

Best Recurve Bow For Beginners


  • Ambidextrous design Package includes beginner bow.
  • 3 arrows, hip quiver, arm guard.
  • finger tab Color is Black.


If you like to step out of the zone a little more than the rest, then probably you can do better with the SAS’s Spirit range. We have already reviewed SAS’s Spirit 62” Take Down Recurve Bow in one of our previous posts, but we would like to take this opportunity to highlight why we think this one and its junior counterpart, the SAS Spirit Jr. 54” Youth Best Recurve Bow For Beginners, are also good value for money.
SAS’s models are best known for quality and the Spirit range is no exception. When it comes to aesthetics, both Spirit 62” and Spirit Jr. 54” feature unfinished multi-shade wooden risers and fiberglass limbs that are pleasing to the eye and are equally good with their performance on the field. Please keep it in mind that these are not

SAS’s models are best known for quality and the Spirit range is no exception. When it comes to aesthetics, both Spirit 62” and Spirit Jr. 54” feature unfinished multi-shade wooden risers and fiberglass limbs that are pleasing to the eye and are equally good with their performance on the field. Please keep it in mind that these are not traditional hunting bow and will be best suited for target practice. But when our experts took them for a spin in the woods, both of them were able to shoot down fairly-sized rabbits from quite some distance. We would still advise keeping it to your backyard or archery range just to be on the safer side.

Although the Spirit 62” is tagged as fit for anyone with a height of 5’ 7” and above, we can confidently say that 5 feet 3 inches tall well-versed archers can get equally good results with this accurate yet simple machine. While the junior edition is just 54 inches long, you can pretty well imagine the possibilities from the figures yourself. The experience of SAS reflects clearly in the design and justifies our previous decision to call one of their other models as the best recurve bow for beginners. These two, however, are targeted towards more slim archers with lesser upper body strength. If you’re planning to get the first bow for your wife and children, you cannot really step it up in terms of value than these two.

Let us discuss the individual features and the USPs of both with their shortcomings.

The SAS 62” Take Down Recurve


  • Strong fiberglass limb
  • Made of Maple laminations
  • Recommended shooter heights up 5’7″
  • Right or Left hand only
  • This item is fully covered by Southland Archery Supply 3-year limited manufacturer warranty


This model supports a draw weight of 22, 26, 30, or 34 lbs. and it is available for both left and right-hand orientations. It is a pretty mean machine for both youngsters and older archers beginning their journey to their first Bulls Eye. Take Down design allows future modifications without a hassle. No need to keep ordering completely new bow altogether, each time you need an upgrade.

It is a lightweight but strong bow. We do not recommend taking it into the wilderness for the usual track. However for the occasional rabbit hunt and bow fishing, it does the part quite effortlessly. It is very flexible so you may not need a stringer, but again, to avoid unusual outcomes, just use one. Once assembled carefully, it shoots straight, has a smooth draw and shot, and looks quite attractive on the range too.

Left-handed archers BEWARE! It is not an ambidextrous design and you will have to ask for the left-hand oriented version to avoid ending up with the wrong one. Also, the string has an opening to install an arrow rest but the bow does not come with any, nor does it have any sights or stringers in the package, not that it needs them. It’s just the bow in the package and we can’t really blame SAS for cutting the cost with accessories when they are providing this quality at such a low price. The string could be wider than most bow, which means that you might have to get a dedicated set of arrows for this beauty.

Overall, we reviewed this best  recurve bow for beginners as a great aid to older teens and young adults with a very simplistic yet gorgeous design. It ships along with a decently crafted riser, which feels like the expensive ones that you can find locally.

The SAS Spirit 54” Beginner Youth Bow


  • Strong fiberglass limb
  • Made of Maple laminations
  • Right Hand Only
  • Takedown Recurve Bow Recommended shooter heights up to 5’4″


This 54-inches-long Spirit is very similar in aesthetics and overall functionality to its 62-inch counterpart. It too is indeed a best recurve bow for beginners but targeted to a much younger market. This one is available in the draw weight range of 12, 16, 20, and 22 lbs. If your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews perform in competitions where others use compound bow, this one is capable of bringing out equally good results.

Youngsters with instructors experienced in recurve bow do not even need a stringer for this one – A good way to learn old school stringing methods. Materials used are pretty much the same as the 62-inch version and if you have any trouble assembling either one of them, there are countless instructional posts available online. It is quite possible that we might come up with our own since the Spirit line-up is becoming increasingly popular.

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