Samick Red Stag Takedown Best Recurve Bow.

Samick Red Stag Takedown Best Recurve Bow.

Any traditional and die-hard archer is bound to love this Samick Red Stag 60-inch recurve bow, also famously called by the users as the best recurve bow ever. Solely built for the traditional crowd, this one-piece bow has a combination of laminated Hard Maple, Purple Heart, Rosewood, and White Ash for a magnificent and attractive finish. This Samick Red Stag Recurve Bow is very good for entry-level beginners at archery hunting. It has a slim grip, which fits medium as well as large hands very comfortably. The limbs of this best recurve bow are purely formed of maple core laminations with black fibreglass and the tips are very resistant and allow the use of any contemporary bow strings. Not to mention this one-piece Samick Red Stag Recurve Bow also has an incredibly smooth draw. The specifications of this bow are:


• AMO length is 60 inch.

• The string length is56 inch.

• Brace height is 7.5 – 8.25 inch.

• Weight almost 1.5000 kg.

So, if you are in search for the best recurve bow, this is the one for you! Before buying, you should also know about the pros and cons of the product. Listed below, are the pros and cons of this Samick Red Stag Recurve Bow:




Not only is this bow efficient and accurate, it also looks stylish, slender and very eye-catching. It simply doesn’t matter if you are petite with small hands or a giant with huge hands because this bow is fit for one and all. This bow isn’t just recommended for its looks, but also for how immaculately it functions. It has an amazingly smooth pull and is fast paced and delivers accurate shots.

Because of its power and lightning speed, the Samick Red Stag is very good for hunting. The bow is extremely hardy and flexible. You can use this bow year after year without the slightest bit of limb twist, and neither will you face any problems with the limbs or riser delaminating.

The limb tips of the Red Stag are unbreakable, so the bow is completely compatible with FastFlight or any other bow strings.

The only few couple of drawbacks of this best recurve bow are-

It doesn’t come with a bow stringer. A bow stringer is suggested for stringing a recurve bow. You are recommended to unstring your bow if you are not planning to shoot more than once in a week. You should store the bow on its side, or hang it vertically from a peg. Resting the bow on the lower tip for a long period of time can cause damage to it.
The most noticeable demerit of this Samick product is that it does not have room for any accessories like the ones of stabiliser or sights. The predrill is missing in the recurved bow making it a hassle.


The Samick Red Stag comes in a box. Written below are the few of the things you should expect to find inside the box:
  • TheSamick Red Stag bow, which includes the riser and limbs.
  • The string for the bow. The hardware required assembling the bow.
  • An instruction manual which will tell you how to assemble your bow among other things.

Assembling the Red Stag Bow is pretty simple and trouble free. This easy process involves attaching the limbs to the riser gently, and then simply but carefully stringing the bow. Once that is done, if you think you need to use an arrow rest, you should probably install it. That is really all there is to do while assembling this best curve bow.
The Samick Red Stag Recurve Bow is no doubt the best curve bow but it is also a somewhat noisy bow. For the limb, you may use string silencers and probably even horse hair padding and very adequately quieten the bow so nicely that you’ll never even realize that it was a noisy bow in the first place.

Thus, after reading all this you must be sure that this Samick Red Stag Recurve Bow is not called the best curve bow just like that. It actually is the best curve bow in terms of price, functioning, looks, durability etc. This bow is perfect for intermediate shooters as well the experienced expert shooters who have been shooting for years. The best part is though that while one can learn to shoot with this bow, it can also be used for hunting by anyone who is passionate about it. Thus, it can be surely said without a doubt that buying this bow will lead to way more of advantages than disappointments.


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