Best Recurve Bow | “Sage 2” Spyder Takedown Recurv Bow.

Best Recurve Bow | “Sage 2” Spyder Takedown Recurv Bow.

Hello, Welcome to site, where I review some outstanding recurve bows for my visitors, who find some real info about best recurve bow. It is not easy to find a best recurve bow without spend time. I am the active user of 50% recurve bows that I reviewed on my site. So you can imagine how to experience me in that field. I research on e-commerce sites, forums and local market before buy any recurve bow. But you can also read customers reviews from
Today I review “Sage 2” Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow, an awesome product from Southwest Archery. This is a Saga takedown recurve bow from them. I do not purchase this product personally, buy it is a best recurve bow of my friend David. Not I only like this recurve bow, this is famous in my friend circle. So let’s check why it is special.

Best Recurve Bow



Excellent design is one of the main positive points because, before touch and purchase any product, we like the outlook of the product. The riser is made of exclusive fiber best quality wood and decorated with red piping. Glossy polish gives an extra professionality this recurve bow. Limbs are made of pure dark black fiberglass with maple lamination.
The recurves bow is manufactured by Southwest Archery but it designed by Samick. The recurve made very professionally. The manufacturer may design itself, but they know that Samick makes their every recurve bow very lucrative. They catch buyer attraction. So that hire Samick for developing their product.


Both Handed:

Right-hand and left-hand model are available in the model. I want to mention that right handed model is designed for- pull the string with the right hand, hold the bow in left hand. Left handed model is designed for- pull the string with your left hand and hold the bow with your right hand. It is an import point for buying a best recurve bow. The right handed bow is default model on the e-commerce site. If you want to buy from a shop, ask salesperson before purchasing the bow.

Comfortable with riser and limbs:

Active riser made with best quality wood and decorated with cherry color wooden pippin. Limbs are adamant and flexible to use. This is a high end recurve bow. Riser and limbs are lightweight and comfortable to use. Limbs can easily attachable and detachable with hand, and it is joined with the riser with a bolt.

Outstanding Rating:

Lots of customers purchase the recurve bow from, seven customers written real after buying reviews on Amazon. All client is entirely happy with this recurve bow. It has a 5.0-star rating out of 5.0. Southwest Archery serves excellent customer support. For now, all details about product warranty, please Click Here.


Various sizes are available for the recurve bow. Choose the perfect size for you. Try to consider how much weight can you effort, and choose the right size. Size start from 20 pound and available up to 60 lbs. If you purchase from, please select it from the drop-down menu.

Which things are things needing to buy with the recurve bow:

A must buy a thing is a stringer tool. Stringer tool is used for on and off the string from the bow quickly. A package is available online named stringer tool; you can select this if you want it. You can also select another ready to shoot package on the e-commerce site, in contains, bow, string, stringer tool, three premium carbon arrows, hard case, and armguard, a full bag for shooting. I also recommend a series pin; it keeps tight the arrow and safe from slipping. Use a target box for shooting, don’t stand your friend or anyone else as a target. The last but not in the list- buy a string wax, it keeps the string fresh for the extended time.

Arrow length:

Arrow length depends on shooter capacity. Arrow length is same as between of bow and string draw. If you are the beginner, go to a local store and try to learn, how arrow length is calculated. The average arrow length is 28″ for the bow.

  • It is a lightweight recurve bow.
  • Various size availability.
  • Both Handed Model Availability.
  • Great design.
  • Limbs can be attached and detach.
  • Price in Range.
  • Nothing I Found.

Last Word:

Best recurve bow for me. You cannot find any product less than 4.0 out of 5.0 rating. I do not use this, and I do not recommend you to buy. After a long online and quite offline research, I place my review virtually. I do not mention any CON means I do not find. Other customers are 100% happy with this recurve bow. I think this would a best recurve bow for you. Please comment below for giving any information. You can send me any information for adding with this article. Thank you and bye.

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