Cheap Recurve Bow: The Recreational Recurve: Martin Archery Alder

Cheap Recurve Bow: The Recreational Recurve: Martin Archery Alder

Who doesn’t like some good old backyard fun? Especially when you are gathering with relatives, neighbors during occasional barbecues, or maybe while doing just a weekend family thing. We all like being indulged in some sort of sport with friends and family: It helps us bond. Let it be football, baseball, soccer, basketball, or anything else. It is safe to say some of us are closer to our animal selves and like to get leisurely with old school activities, like target archery. This next cheap recurve bow I am about to recommend is perfect for exactly the same: recreational target shooting (definitely not built for competitions).

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It is a lightweight, light draw (25 lbs.), and cheap recurve bow that is available for both left and right-hand orientations. It is also an all wood take-down design with models in both 62 and 54-inch lengths. The bow is available for as much as $160 – $199 but I personally researched and found a reseller who will blow your mind with his extraordinary deal: Check their latest offer by clicking here. Draw weights start from 15 lbs. to 30 lbs. in 5-pound increments. Which tells me one thing, that this bow is essentially built for recreational shooting for a longer time period without making you feel tired after a long day of fun.

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After visiting a local store, you will find out that almost everyone’s favorite bows come from Martin Archery. Lately, they have been engaged in not only keeping up with their legacy of attractive and fun bows but also making them economical without compromising on any other aspect. Some might even argue that Alder 25 lbs. is a beginner’s bow; I, personally, like to think that it is absolutely fun, no matter who is handling it – beginners, amateurs, professionals – Anyone.

The package includes the usual riser and limbs (as you would expect), a string, and brass inserts for accessories like sight, Berger button, or a stabilizer. Surprisingly, it does not come with an assembly instruction manual, so if you’re a beginner, you would be better off looking for help from someone who is experienced with recurve bows, otherwise you should be fine.


As far as the accuracy is concerned, I found that the 25 lbs. version does pretty well despite the draw weight and arrows are pretty straight when shot. I am used to of shooting with 55 lbs. bows and I found this one to be equally effective for up to 45 yards. But as a beginner, your mileage may be different: The point being, the bow definitely has the potential to impress.

You should not think of the Alder as a hunting bow, other than killing rabbits or squirrels in the backyard, or maybe the occasional fish. In terms of durability, there are absolutely no flaws except the limb tips, that are not reinforced with metal. However, if we follow countless forums, the plastic limb pockets do exactly what they are supposed to do and will survive a lot of reassemblies as well as countless shots. The downside is that you cannot fit-in FastFlight or any other longer strings onto it, at least not evidently.

Alder is probably the best choice if you are planning to go out in the backyard and spend a complete day shooting targets. In summary, it looks great, it is well-made, draws easily, and shoots arrows like air. If you want to get matching bows for your wife and kids to play around with, this one, with its range of draw weights, is definitely a steal.

Beginners will definitely benefit from an arrow rest but if you have experience using a recurve before, this is the kind of bow that will help you go completely natural from being dependent on your accessories. In short, it is the beginner archer’s paradise. After making yourself familiar with this beauty, you will soon find yourself recommending it to others. Buying Guide.

  • Cheap recurve bow
  • Takedown design for easy storage
  • Pre-drilled for multiple accessories
  • No instruction manual
  • No bow stringer included
  • No apparent option for replacing limbs