How do you choose the best recurve bow?

How do you choose the best recurve bow?

It’s a tough call. Because there are so many questions need to be answered before we get started with it. There are many scattered information online but anything neatly organized yet to appear. It can harm the aspect of choosing a bow. There are many factors at the play, you need to be picky about your source.

if you are looking for this how-to guide on the recurve bows then you are already in confusion. The most common kinds of confusion is whether you should buy a takedown or a one piece bow.

None of  “ultimate guide on finding best recurve bow”  able to touch which agitate us most when looking to buy the a recurve bow. This is why we decided to help you find the best recurve bow.

# What is a Recurve Bow?

As pre-modern men interacted with the wild they had to figure out how to kill the 12 foot tall woolly mammoth from distance. Thus the bows came out in the dawn of civilization.

Earliest known use of recurve bows are among the central Asian warring tribes like the Scythian’s and also it was a regular weapon of Roman legions. They preferred the recurve bow over the traditional bows because of its superior aerodynamic shape.

Because of its shape, it can hold a greater level of energy for a more powerful draw. As a result, more precise acceleration leads to more accuracy.  Recurve bow has been defined by the Wikipedia as a kind of bow that curve away from the archer when the string is released. Once the string is unstrung, the  recurve at the top of the bow limbs springs back.

#  Why do you want a recurve bow?

For a beginner, it’s really important to decide which shooting style your training for. Despite the fact all kind of archery often do overlaps and you can participate multiple styles of archery with a single bow, it’s not always the case. You need to decide whether you are buying a recurve bow for hunting or for Olympic style target practicing. Because often the types of bows and their features needed varies greatly depending on what sport the bow intended to be used.


Hunting is the most primitive of sports still exists. As humans, we had to rely on gathering and foraging on the wild animals. Hunting arrows are needed to deliver a fatal blow to the target. This is why the hunting arrows are usually made heavier with serrated heads. It is necessary for hitting the target with greater impact. Because when you are hunting you are targeting large preys with very thick skin which your arrows need to be penetrated. The best recurve bows for hunting is also needs to be very quiet as well. Because when prey and you both are on the ground, you prey is dangerously close to noticing you and your maneuver. The importance of quiet cannot be stressed enough.


The length plays an important rule because you need to move through quickly around the bush or grasses. Longer bows aren’t exactly very suitable and make the movement awkward. Recurve bows, on the other hand, it curved in shape and very comfortable to draw as well. The curved top provides the smooth release of power and penetrates your prey better. The takedown bows are best recurve bow for hunting purpose. Because they are made of 3 separate parts and you can take down each part separately and transport them with much ease.

Target practicingthe best recurve bow

On the other hand target shooting s the most common kind of modern archery today. Because of it doesn’t take so much skill as the hunting, this kind of archery comes pretty spontaneously to the beginners. Also, the hunting bows require the shooter to be more powerful .As hunting bows require a greater amount of drawing weight than the target bows. If your primary objective with the bows is target practicing, then any modern recurve bow is good enough to get started. best recurve bow for competition typically doesn’t require a great amount of power to draw, but they need more precision. Because you will be shooting at the static and moving target as well.

One of the major difference between the target bow and hunting bow is their arrow. The target bow does not require a heavy arrow because target shooting is more about accuracy than hitting with mere force. These arrows are lighter and more stable when fired. The lower velocity enables the lighter arrows to minimize the vibration and helps to avoid deviation of the course. On the longer distances, target bows enjoy much more accuracy over the hunting bows. Although in bad weathers can really affect the performance.

# Is it Takedown or One piece is the best Recurve bow?

Key difference

It’s important to decide whether you need a takedown bow or a one piece. Take down bows are the modern recurve bows which can be “taken down”. That means the limbs can be disassembled from the riser and it allows you to have more portability. The takedown bows usually made of 3 separate parts: two limbs and a riser.

On the other hand, the construction of a one-piece recurve bow is quite different, though it has same parts ( limbs and riser), they are not separable. In Fact, the limbs and riser made out of a one-piece material like wood. Hence the name “one piece”. Some people like this because of the aesthetic and traditional outlook of it. But otherwise, the recurve bows are far more suitable for the beginners.


There are several advantages of the recurve bow over the traditional one-piece bows.

First of all, the recurve bows body parts such as the limbs can be removed from the riser. As result, it’s much easier to carry it in a travel bag. If you are the person who likes to travel around, the recurve bows are much easier to transport.


Replaceable parts

Secondly, you don’t have to change the whole bow for repairing. The recurve bow parts are easily replaceable if you accidentally break any parts like the limb or the riser. You can simply repair them or replace them with a new set of parts

Beginner friendly

Also, the takedown bows are a much more versatile option for the beginners because of their adjustable draw weight. It’s important because as a beginner you will be able to draw a lesser amount of weight. But along with your shooting skill, your draw weight will increase as well. Takedowns bows are better because to adjust the draw weight all you need is to replace the limbs with a higher amount of draw weight. You don’t need to buy a new one.

# What is my Draw Weight?

if you don’t calculate the draw weight according to your age and strength, you can eventually purchase a bow with more draw weight than you are actually capable of drawing currently. But at first, let’s examine what is a draw weight and what significance it holds when choosing the best recurve bow.

According to the, draw weight can be defined as the stored energy of the archery bow. What does that mean? It means the more draw weight your bow has, the more powerful the shot will be. It is the amount of weight an archer can draw. Does that mean you need to go for a higher number of draw weight? Well, it actually depends. Because higher draw weights also make the draw harder. That means your muscles need to be stronger.

But you don’t need to worry much. Because no matter what is your current strength, you will get stronger after you have shot some three hundred to four hundred arrows you can actually pick any bow and able to draw them smoothly.

For shooting:

If you are buying a recurve for target practicing and don’t know anything about draw weight and stuff,  It’s advisable to pick up a draw weight around of 30lbs for beginners. Because if you are buying a bow for Olympic target shooting your arrows will be much lighter and the amount of the energy required. 30lb bows are manageable by a beginner adult who is starting out.

For Hunting:

As discussed already, the hunting bows require a greater amount of strength. With added draw weight the arrow can travel faster which is very crucial for hunting various preys. If you are going to hunt smaller sports like a rabbit, 30bs bows will suffice. But if you re going to hunt the larger preys, like reindeers who is not also faster but has a really thick skin and bone, you need the arrows to have more impact. In that case, 40 lbs bows are recommended.

#How to determine Draw length?

One of the biggest confusion surrounding the bows is about the draw length. Because every other person you ask has a different opinion on how to decide the draw weight. If you choose a recurve bow with wrong draw length it can affect your accuracy. And it can really freak the hell out of you. But don’t worry. I am going to inform you an easier way to measure your approximate draw length just using your body. Because knowing the proper draw length is essential for getting the best recurve bow. Here is how to do it step by step.

Step 1

Stand upright into the ground and spread out your arms. You will be making a T shape posture. Make sure your posture is correct and your shoulders and chest are relaxed and not overextended.

Step 2.

In this part, you will be needing an associate. They need to measure the length of one middle finger to another middle finger. Why? Because by dividing the length by 2.5, you’ll get your draw length near to the perfect. This is a true and trusted measurement method used by archery community for many years.

# What is the difference between Recurve Bow and Traditional bow?

Traditional bows or the longbow is longer. They were invented by the hunter and later improved by warriors. Its history can be traced back to at least 10000 bc. On the other hand, recurve bows do not go back that far, it’s is pretty ancient as well. The Romans have used recurve bow for their horseback archers and have had their military issued manually on its use.


The obvious difference is in the shape. Most of the longbows have a d shaped almost horizontal shape. The recurve bow, on the other hand, curved back to the archer, giving it a classic “3” shape. When people usually think about a bow, they picture the recurve bow. Because it’s easier to pick and start shooting arrows. This is why it’s the common kind of bow available to the people. It’s the standard bow to be used in Olympic and Paralympic archery as well.


Their size differs a lot. Because longbows are typically much longer than the recurve. Longbows are made 4 to 6-footlongs. The recurve bows are much shorter and easier to carry around moving through a bush. A longbow can be very powerful because of its length. Precisely why the recurve is much more comfortable to use.

Ease of use

The ease of use is a big reason people opt-in for the recurve bows. the longbows may have a greater strength but the recurve bow is easier to draw without any previous competence.  Comparatively, recurve bow enjoys greater accuracy and covers far more distance.

Final Verdict

I hope this guide will help to clear the confusion. I have laid out a strategic guide about what to look for in the best recurve bow. Remember,  you can not buy any bow and go out for target practicing or hunting. As different sort of bows is made for different end results in mind.   The bow you have in mind right now may not produce the results you want to achieve.  This is why all the information in this guide is meant for educating you about The various parameters that need to be determined before buying the best recurve bow for hunting or shooting.