Best Recurve Bow: -Left Handed Archer In A Right-Handed World

Best Recurve Bow: -Left Handed Archer In A Right-Handed World

Any well-versed archer would know that the orientation of your bow has little to do with hand preference; it is actually the eye dominance that determines the way you will shoot. However, we still live in a world where most archers don’t know these facts and companies usually follow numbers. If you go to a store (or a web store) you will find right handed bows on display even for the models that come in both right and left-hand orientation.

Only 10% of the total population is left-handed and with right-hand dominance life can be difficult when left-handed users go shopping for a bow. While compound shooters can use the equipment mostly in either orientation with little to no adjustments, things aren’t so simple for those interested in the best recurve bows out there. The sight attachments made for ambidextrous users, for example, are always upside down in the left-hand use, and the worst part is that sometimes they are the only option for a lefty.

Following our commitment to bring out the best recurve bows in the market, we are stepping up to support the left-handed beginner and intermediate users with the “PSE Razorback LH 30# Recurve Bow”.

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PSE Razorback LH 30# Recurve Bow[/a]

Left Handed Recurve Bow

PSE are world renowned bow manufacturers famous for their professional level bows. Their products are featured in many shooting tournaments and sports magazines through which they have managed to create a reputation for outstanding quality and as the largest bow and accessory manufacturer in the world. This well-tuned beauty is designed by the giants to satisfy user’s ‘old-school’ bow hunting urges. It is a take-down design and probably the best recurve bow in its price range.

The PSE Razorback package contains a Riser with pre-drilled holes for accessories such as scope, arrow mount, etc., 20 lbs., 25lbs., 30 lbs., or 35 lbs. Limbs (according to the draw weight you chose), and Bolts to attach the Limbs. The length of the bow is 62″ making it perfect for user heights above 5 feet.

Assembling and taking down a bow does not get simpler than this. All you need to do is screw the bolts in the limbs while attached to the riser with the help of an Allen wrench and string it with the help of a stringer. This is not the best recurve bow for hunting (Check out our Longbowmaker KYS Recurve Longbow review post) because the maximum draw weight you can get is 35 lbs. It was mostly designed for youth and women; however, it’s a great bow for everyone’s favorite – target shooting at the archery. Be prepared to see the arrow drop beyond 35 yards.


What makes it unique and probably one of the best recurve bows for target practice is its ability to support multiple attachments, although they need to be purchased separately. Users have found it extremely comfortable to hold with its wide and well-shaped riser grip. The quality of materials is very good and it is not something that breaks after a few months. PSE makes the riser with hardwood and the limbs with laminate. The string length is 58″ and maintains good velocity up to 30 yards.

  • Best Recurve Bow as an Affordable starter for youth.
  • Pre-drilled holes to attach accessories.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Ultra durable in its price range
  • Not the best recurve bow to hunt with (only good for target practice)

Overall it’s an affordable, durable bow for all youth and adult females who are left-handed. It is an excellent equipment for its price and will last many years.

Meta description: right-hand domination is not just confined to archery. It’s generally held that only 10 percent of the total population is left-handed, thus, the world continues to cater to righties. Join the left-handed archery movement with PSE’s best recurve bow Razorback LH #30 (value range).


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