OMP Mountaineer 2.0: Superior Performance

OMP Mountaineer 2.0: Superior Performance

If you are already familiar with hunting using a bow, you must have heard people talking about the hunter’s Cadillac. The October Mountaineer Products’ Mountaineer 2.0 is designed and crafted to deliver outstanding performance in the wild. And, it is perhaps one of classiest recurve bows out there – classy but deadly. Once you hold it in your hand, you will know what I am talking about: It weighs somewhere around 4.3 lbs. in total, and packs enough power to bring down bears (Yes, you read it absolutely right).

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 Pro Tip: Keep a safe distance. The bow is well capable of shooting 40 yards and even more depending on the draw weight you are choosing. 


The design of this right handed recurve bow is a 3-piece takedown, which means it will be easy to store with your other equipment in the back of your truck or better yet just slide it under the seat. That is how compact is becomes once unscrewed. But be careful, you will definitely need a stringer to set it up again because the limbs are uncompromisingly solid. If you just spotted a rabbit, you can put it down before it’s next stop; this is, I think, good enough to give an idea of the speed your arrow is going to carry out with itself even at 90% of the draw.

right handed recurve bow CHECK LATEST PRICE

Although all archers (from amateur to experts) can all reap the benefits of this fierce machine, this is no boy toy. I recently read from one of my friends who owns this bow and he was really excited. He was on a hunter’s safari in Ghana, but that was not the reason for his excitement. He had set up his ambush up on a tree and he was scared that he was vulnerable to leopards. However, that didn’t happen, but he didn’t realize that he would be spotted by an animal with one of weakest eye-sight in the animal kingdom – the Hippopotamus.


Apparently, they saw him when he went down to refill his supplies. Guess what? They ransacked his Jeep but he did not want to encounter them. He had to make a choice when they wouldn’t leave and he shot one of them down with the OMP Mountaineer 2.0. He had a gun but none of them were a threat to his life at the moment. So, he thought that he would probably just injure one of them with an arrow, which he tried. Little did he know that after walking away maybe around 60-80 meters the poor one he shot fell down to his death. This was a good enough story for me to go and get one for myself.


When I checked out the amazon price for the right handed recurve bow version of the model, I finally knew why they called it the Cadillac of recurve bows. If I have to compare, the wooden accessories Gucci makes, the riser looked and felt the same when I got mine delivered. It is a 62-inch beauty that has draw weights of 35, 40, 45, 50, and 55 lbs. And, believe me, my friend, who uses the 55 lbs. model is huge and even he has not got completely used to of drawing it to the maximum in the last 1 and a half years. He is the inspiration for my proud purchase and this post as well.

Not Amateurs, but experienced hunters have been complaining about how they bought an expensive bow and they were not satisfied with the vibration. Such people end up using stabilizers and have to give up one or more of their favorite accessories they could have used. But with Mountaineer 2.0, forget that there will be any kind of vibration for years to come. So install your favorite accessories at will without wondering “what if.”


OMP has made sure that they are doing justice to the price with the materials such as well-polished Oak, Walnut, and hard Maple laminate for the riser. The riser is a slim grip which will favor most of the shooters. Limbs do not require any special tools to be tightly attached to the riser and depending upon the package you may also get Sight pin, Plunger, and Stabilizer bushings to be used as found convenient. Limbs are wooden, but forget about even having to straighten them up. The quality check and processes they undergo during manufacturing makes them bent-proof for ages to follow. Limb tips are also reinforced to allow string upgrade despite the already provided high-quality string (Dacron Flemish Twist String) in the package.

  • Mountaineer has solid performance and rugged design.
  • It has a fantastic price offering value for its quality.
  • Dacron String and Dacron Flemish Twist String both are included.
  • It produces less sound during hunting. Rugged and solid performance.
  • Bow Stringer is not included in the package.