An Inspection of a Different Kind.Samick Saga Takedown Recurve Bow

An Inspection of a Different Kind – Samick Polaris Takedown Recurve Bow


Well, I know I have told you in the past that this bow I have here is the best affordable recurve bow in the market. But that, my friend, was in a generic sense. And trust me, ever since I began making the recurve review section a permanent thing in the blog, I have constantly been taking my tests (on all scales from built, to performance, to durability, and to everything else in between) to a new level each time.

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Today, I am going to tell you about a bow that is not only cheap but it takes the quality of the Samick brand to a completely different source of gravity in the universe. I mean, it doesn’t even rhyme with anything else they have on the market. They sell anything from the insanely famous Samick Sage takedown recurve bows that apparently all archers adore to traditional Genghis Khan style hunting bows that will take your bear sized prey out like a trout.>>CHECK OUT OTHER PRODUCT OF SAMICK<<

I know I am making big claims here but perhaps you would read the next few paragraphs more interestingly if I told you that most archery review sites rank the Polaris as 2016’s best or insane ratings as 4.9/5 stars. even calls it a perfect 5/5 and I am not exaggerating any of those numbers. So, what makes this killing machine a critics favorite? I and my team set out to find exactly that and we ordered not one but six recurve bows. We were so impressed by it that we ordered 5 more and decided that we are going to endorse the seller because we believe that this might be Samick’s best invention yet (at least the 2016 model).

Let’s hear what Dorothy Klein from West Virginia has to say about it: “I bought this (Samick Polaris) for my 13-year-old daughter and I’m shooting it a bunch myself. This is a great value for a starter bow and is very good quality, especially for the price. I am hooked.” Dorothy seemingly made it as appealing as Old Charlie but without the adverse health effects and this is why I and my team got hooked to it: The riser is made with the highest quality of woods (primarily Ash). It has an appealing yet surprisingly comfortable figure to it, which is a very rare combination when it comes to bows. It shoots so accurately that you may start to feel that you are either in a movie or you’re being Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher hiding somewhere in the bushes (Apparently, that is a normal thing for him to do).

But there are a certain few things you should be aware of before you make this glorious piece of hunting equipment your price possession for the next couple of decades. And yes, it is that durable because we seemingly threw it off from a skyscraper in New York (where police can detain you if you are seen in public with those, so please be aware) and nothing happened. Be sure to order the right draw weight, though. We found that 54” long bow with 24 lbs. draw weight was really popular during a survey we conducted (since we ordered them all in a variety) and even the professionals and older amateurs seemed to enjoy it. So here is a link to a reseller that we found is selling it for a ridiculously low price and will even deliver it you in 24 hours if you desire so.

At this point, you might think that we are overselling it, but to be fair, as we have always been to our readers, we will list down what you should be prepared for if you are going to make this awesome purchase. In other words, what you will be missing on.

  • No bow stringer include.
  • Limited Paperwork for Old Jack here (Guess why? The Internet Guys; The Internet) And that is literally about it.

Remember all the previous Samick bows we have reviewed? Well, this one has potentially everything and is just more durable, accurate, and fires dead faster arrows. It will exceed your expectations and that is not an exaggeration. To balance it up, Let’s sum up the good sides to it as well.

  • Lightweight and easy on the hands.
  • Attractive aesthetics.
  • Almost Inexplicably accurate.
  • Supports multiple arrows and attachments from even compound bows.
  • Shoots faster than the fast ones out there.
  • Recommended by everyone who has ever had a chance to shoot it.
  • Comes in multiple draw weights but apparently, the most popular one is the one at this link.
  • Has 100% 5-star reviews so far (The kids, the parents, the pretentious teens who like to pretend they are a part of The Hunger Games.
  • They all love it) – Try and demolish it but it won’t give up (Don’t bulldoze it, that’s just too much even for a bow made out of diamond as well).
  • It is an inexpensive gift – Excellent for beginners in a number of ways.
  • Interchangeable limbs

I think I have made my point pretty clear. Even though you have like 20 of them sitting in your garage, you should really get a Polaris this hunting season or you are missing a whole of fun at a fraction of the price you usually spend on similar bows. You may read our recurve bow buying guide.