Best Recurve Bow :-Mongolian Traditional Horsebow 30-60LBS

Best Recurve Bow :-Mongolian Traditional

This pure handmade best recurve other traditional longbow is aesthetically beautiful. Its appearance is captivating. It is made of snake skin and is as shiny in reality as shown in the pictures at the website. This bow is the most recurve bow for your buck! Everything you need in a bow at an unbelievable price.

The ancient Mongols developed this style with its distinctive bridge on which the string rests. The string gets a little extra “pop” when it snaps against the bridge, translating into higher arrow velocity and power. The leather grip provided in the bow, makes it steady to hold and give it an all-together secure feeling.


Delivery Time & Packaging

The estimated delivery time for this product is 3 to 7 weeks but in most cases it is delivered quite earlier than the scheduled time. For priority buyers, the delivery can be done in as less as two weeks. Hence, one does not have to keep waiting for the product. This pleases the customers indeed. The packing also, is not ordinary but fairly good. This doesn’t give the buyer a bad impression.

It is accurate for those getting into archery and wish for a good bow. This bow doesn’t come with an arrow shelf. With a bow like this, there is an option to shoot from either sides of the bow. This quality is good if one wants to practice speed shooting.

This bow is different from the ordinary ones as its built in Mongolian style. It appears as a rare commodity unlike every other bow and arrow case.

The bow is strong enough. Even the product description suggests the same and also, there are customers who vouch for the same and are archery enthusiasts.




The Mongol bow is famous for its military effectiveness and accuracy, evidenced by the successes of Mongol archers on the battlefield. It has a very good performance and has negligible hand shock for your benefit. It provides good speed too.

The Mongols were able to target individual soldiers up to 200 meters away and were successful in defeating them too. The Mongolians used a wide variety of bows for battle or even recreational purposes, such as, armor-piercing arrows, wide tipped assault arrows, fire arrows etc.), according to the target and distance, they used to time their attack, gain steadiness and shoot. No bow and arrow is steadier that the Mongolian traditional bow.

It can stick a target from 25 feet away and is as accurate as any antique bow. One can easily tell, by looking at the bow, that the craftman must have taken long to make it. It throws an arrow smooth as butter. It is very well recommended for novice as well as for the people just interested in art.

One should keep in mind that with a traditional bow like this, the weight often changes depending upon what one’s draw length is. Bow weight will change approximately ±2½ pounds for every inch from a bows rated draw length.


Ideally, a bow stringer is recommended for stringing any recurve bow or longbow. If you string a bow without a bow stringer, or string it backwards, this can void the bow’s warranty. It is suggested to unstring your primitive bow when you are done shooting, and only string it right before shooting and not otherwise. Store your bow on its side, or hang it vertically from a peg to prevent any kind of damage. Never rest the bow on the lower tip for a long period of time. Never dry fire the bow (shooting without an arrow), this can affect the efficiency and also cause little or more harm to your bow.


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Final Word:

This fully hand-made traditional Mongolian recurve bow, with a unique wooden string rest, is user friendly and does not have any cons which other ordinary bows might have. It is not very heavy to use and has optimum strength which is required for archery. All in all, it is advantageous to buy such a product.

If you are fond of archery you should definitely go for this bow. It is not only attractive to look at but also thoroughly efficient and attractive in every way. Be it accuracy or other advantages, the Mongolian bow lives up to the users expectations at a great extent. One of the biggest advantages is that it isn’t very expensive also. The optimum price offered is one of the reasons to 100 per cent go for this product.