Best Recurve Bow | Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Starter Package.

Best Recurve Bow | Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Starter Package.

Hello, guys welcome to my site. Today I am going to review of “Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Starter Package”. The recurve bow is appropriate for beginner to intermediate level archer. The best part is, it has come with all necessary things for starting shooting. Anything you do not have to buy separately. Keep reading the whole post; I will describe all details step by step.

Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Starter Package is a well-regulated recurve bow among their clients. The best recurve bow for save budget. Great features with modern design give this recurve bow, a premium look. I use this recurve bow at the high school period. I gather all my friends and group members experience with the bow. So, let me describe my words about this recurve bow. You can easily go with the recurve bow.

best recurve bowComes with a starter package:

Samick Sage has a great thought. They know that beginner shooter spends lots of money for buying unwanted products for archery. Some beginner shooter does not buy those things separately. So, the both are bad. Especially, who do not buy any starter items, they have more risk. But if you receive all the necessary things with the recurve bow, it is good. Limited budget without any risk. A bow carries severe, an armed guard, finger gloves, a stringer tool, a string and other important things are included.


It is a 62 inches’ recurve bow. Appropriate for a reasonable height peoples. 28 inches’ arrow is preferable with the recurve bow. Arrow size is differing as per person to person. How much can you draw the string? Bigger you draw larger arrows. If your newbie, need help for an able person, or a shop owner in your local market. You can contact the company. They will help you properly. An able person always chooses their arrow size as per their ability.

My secret way to increase arrow size:

I can increase arrow size quickly, without any hard work. If you are interested, please stay tuned. Buy a twisted bow string. It is not cheap but affordable. Release some tweets before wearing the string. It can quickly increase your draw length and bigger arrow you can choose. We lose the string little bit


The recurve bow is available from 20 pounds to 50 pounds. You can choose as per your ability. If you are new in archery, I advise you, to choose the smallest one. In future, you can purchase the weight model. Workout correctly for Abele to choose the weight model.

Both handed model:

The recurve bow available for both odd right handed people and left handed people. All weights are available in both bows. The default model is right handed in Amazon. Be careful when to choose the bow. Right handed bow is for through the arrow with right handed and left handed bow for keep in right handed and through the arrow from the left hand. So, please keep it mind or only call to customer care, they will help you.

Company support:

Samick provides a well-repeated support team for help customers. They offer a one-year warranty for the recurve bow. They have some plans after one year; you can join the plan and get support for whole life. When I bought the bow, they miss delivering the arm guard with the package. But they send it to me within one day. They are exquisite I know them well.

Riser and limbs:

The riser is made of Olive Dymondwood & Hard Maple Laminated. It is gorgeous and lightweight. Limbs are made of black fiberglass. The limbs are bendable, flexible but unbreakable. The riser is specially made for use arrows more easily. It keeps the arrows tightly and saves arrows from slipping from the string. Also, buy a string pin for use arrows more easily.

  • With a starter package.
  • Within budget.
  • Both handed bow.
  • For beginner.
  • Lightweight.
  • Not a professional recurve bow. Only for the newbie.



Last Words:

The arrow has an excellent rating on Amazon and lots are people write a review about the recurve bow. I do not choose any recurve bow that is low quality and bad reviews with the negative rating. If 80% user are happy with a recurve bow, that means this is best recurve bow. I choose to recurve bows which have 4.0 ratings out of 5.0. The recurve bow has 4.5 ratings out of 5.0 ratings. You can easily go with this recurve bow. This will help you at the beginning stage, and it is coming with a starter kit, which has all the necessary things included. Thank You.


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