SAS Spirit 66 Takedown Best Recurve Bow is another one of those popular entry level bows coming from the house of Southland Archery Supply. The makers proclaim it to be flexible, durable and unbreakable.

So how good was the product at keeping all those promises? Let’s analyze each and every facet.



SAS Spirit 66 Takedown Recurve Bow has a cutting edge design which is gorgeous to look at. The designers have beautifully crafted it with an intelligent mix of both the ancient and the modern. The limbs being laminated give the bow a very expensive look. The real wood grip and the extremely artistic finish proclaim super classiness all over it. Most importantly, the Spirit 66 stays well clear of the toy-like look most of the other best recurve bows in the same entry level segment has. So if looks and style are your biggest concerns, this recurve bow would never disappoint you.


The Spirit 66 Best Recurve Bow is easy and fun to shoot it. It is a responsive bow that gives you exactly what you can expect from an entry level bow. The handle is smooth and offers you a perfectly comfortable grip. The weight is well balanced and being lean and less bulky, this bow gives you all the flexibility you need. The arrow shelf is well-designed to enhance accuracy. The bottom-line is that it is a great entry level bow for novice and intermediate archers.


This bow is perfect for both beginners venturing into archery and the intermediates trying to master the craft. It is an ideal choice for target shooting and even low-profile hunting. Though recommended for adult beginners, it being light weight makes it appropriate for even children and teenagers. The Spirit 66 is available in both right and left-hand orientation.


Spirit 66 offers you a very convenient takedown and setup procedure. You can disassemble it really quickly and also set it back together very easily. The bow could be taken apart and fit into something as small as a duffel bag and that makes it both storage and travel-friendly.


The use of high-quality wood from some of the most durable trees in Asia vouches for its sturdiness. It is sure to last a lifetime provided you treat the wood every few years. The bow is bendable but definitely isn’t breakable. This brawny unbreakable nature of the bow is yet another reason that makes it one of the best recurve bows in its class.


SAS Spirit 66 comes with a price tag as attractive as it looks. It has a great pricing for an entry level bow. You would get every penny’s worth as the cost is really low for the quality and durability on offer. The super quality wood is surely a steal at this price. To sum up, the bow surely has an amazing quality considering the price paid and gives you good value for money.

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Be informed that SAS Spirit 66 is packed as just a bow with a string. It doesn’t come with any accessories. To be good enough to be get going, you would have to buy some additional gear like arm guard, string nocking point, finger tabs and of course arrows. A bow stringer would also be a handy purchase.
The bow does not have an arrow rest attached to it either but the same can be done easily at any local store. The arrow shelf is bare and a felt is recommended for the same to enhance performance and accuracy.


The only noticeable flaw with the SAS Spirit 66 Takedown Best Recurve Bow is its string quality. The substandard string is an exception to the generally high quality maintained by the bow in all other aspects. The string turns out to be a misfit and is no match for the solidness of the bow. You are recommended to get another string which would be just another short trip to your local store.


Pros seem to clearly outweigh the cons here. The poor string quality surely isn’t a deal-breaker. It clearly is not reason enough to avoid buying this awesome recurve bow with its stylish looks, high durability and value for money performance. SAS Spirit 66 certainly is one of the best recurve bows in its segment and you would surely fall in love with the overall feel of this bow.


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